VillaBella Fellowship

Villa Bella Clinic is part of the European circuit of clinics that are recognized with excellent reputation and that allow young plastic surgeons ( fellows) to sustain internships during which they can assist and observe expert surgeons during the daily operations and interventions. All this in order to improve their knowledge in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, because often their knowledge and practical experience is limited to reconstructive surgery, and even the experience in this area is often scarce.

These internships have a duration of three months and can be held only once within the Villa Bella Clinic; it is possible for the same fellow to carry out other internships in the clinics that are part of the above mentioned circuit.
The fellows will assist the operations every morning, from Monday to Thursday.
The request is very high, so there is always a waiting list before being accepted and Villa Bella Clinic usually hosts 4 surgeons each year.

We also host visitors, people who come for a minimum of two to three days to a maximum of two weeks to observe the surgeries; and over the past twenty years, Villa Bella Clinic has welcomed over 1000 visitors.

  • excellent reputation
  • plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine
  • 20 years of activity
  • three months
  • from Monday to Thursday every morning
  • 4 surgeons each year

Contact for Stage

Dr. Jacques van der Meulen
[email protected]