Dear friends and colleagues,

we have reached the twentieth edition of our annual course in plastic surgery. The next event (12-15 September 2024) will focus on cosmetic surgery of facial aging and we want it to be a truly memorable event, at the highest possible level, so that all participants can clarify their ideas on how to achieve the best results in this particular type of surgery. We have invited some of the most famous and interesting plastic surgeons in the world, who have accepted with great willingness to be part of the faculty.

This monothematic course has become over time the most important of its kind in Europe for the quality of faculty and lectures and the many live surgeries. The possibility of easily interacting with the invited surgeons has always been one of the most appreciated things about our course. Detailed surgeries and afternoon discussions and presentations all combined with the beauty of the lakeside venue makes it a memorable event.

This year we will also be offering a dissection course in the ICLO cadaver lab in Verona (12th September) with transport from Gardone as well as a sculpture course (11th and 12th September) in addition to the 3 day live surgery event.

In short, it is absolutely the congress to attend in 2024!

Invited Faculty

  • Auersvald A. (Brasil)
  • Botti G. (Italy)
  • Botti C.(Italy)
  • Funk W. (Germany)
  • Jacono A. (USA)
  • Marten Tim (USA)
  • Magalon G. (France)
  • Ramirez-Montañana A. (Mexico)
  • O’Daniel J. (USA)
  • Pelle Ceravolo M. (Italy)
  • Richter D. (Germany)
  • Sozer O. (USA)
  • Tonnard P. (Belgium)
  • Torres B. (Mexico)
  • Vitaly Zholtikov (Russia)